Sunday, November 06, 2005 - Beta Release

So, the bike ride sharing/finder tool, is now live with limited features. Please feel free to play around with it, or better yet, use it while I'm working out some kinks on the site. For now, we'll call it a beta release since it's not complete, but there's some there that does work and it should give you an idea of what I'm working towards.

More importantly, if there's something that you'd like to see added, please feel free to request that here. (I'm talking to you, you being the only person that actually knows this exists.) Any user input would be great!

The purpose of is to allow bike ride organizers a way to share their ride details so anyone else can find group cycling opportunities in any area they are in. The main view is simply a movable map (thanks to Google Maps) that shows where the upcoming rides are, but features like RSS feeds, calendar synchronizing and email notification for specific map areas and organizers are coming as well.

I'll be happy if it's just used by a few friends to keep track of their riding plans. The more people contribute the more useful it becomes.